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Low Howgill – Bakery / Deli

We produce all our pies at our on-site bakery. We use all our own meat in everything we produce and make all our own pastry, even our puff pastry is made from scratch by hand.

We produce a range of meat pies, including traditional Pork pies and handmade Sausage rolls. We believe that by producing everything ourselves from scratch we can provide outstanding flavour and quality.

We bake fresh pies every morning to ensure you get the best tasting pie possible.

We have a small team of bakers who love to develop new products and take great pride in producing new and exciting products.

We also produce daily lunch time specials and soups, again all made from scratch and bursting with flavour.

Our Deli produces a variety of cooked meats, all from our own stock and salads all made by hand.