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We are pride ourselves on using local traditional british breeds of Beef, Pork and Lamb in all our products. We have a farm just 5 miles from our shop in Appleby, from which we source all our Beef and Lamb. Our pork is from local small pig farmers.

Steve our butcher is passionate about producing a wide range of great tasting food. We produce a range of traditional products as well as oven ready dishes and our speciality sausage (changes monthly) which allows Steve to flex his creative muscles. We always endeavour to produce exactly what our customers want so if you think of something you would like that we don’t advertise, just ask we will always do our best to help you.


All our beef is Shorthorn, born and bred on our farm near Milburn. This traditional British Breed of beef cattle has excellent flavour and succulence, the breed originated in the North East so thrives well in our climate in Cumbria. If you would like to learn more about Shorthorn Beef click here to visit the Shorthorn society website.

Our beef is predominately grass fed and the meat produced has excellent marbling to give outstanding flavour. Our beef is hung for at least 21 days to help to mature the flavour and texture of the meat.


We vary the breeds of lamb we use between Suffolk, Swaledale and Herdwick. They are all traditional British breeds of lamb and all come from our farm.

From January to June we use Swaledale. This breed of Sheep is especially hardy and lives very well on the upland areas of our farm. They originate from the Yorkshire dales so thrive well in Cumbria too. The meat is very flavoursome. Click here to learn more about the Swaledale Sheep

From June to December we us Suffolk lamb. This breed of sheep originated further south and thrives better in the lower pastures of the farm. They are a large breed of sheep and give an excellent eye piece on loins and chops. They are renowned for their succulent meat. Click here for more information about the Suffolk breed of sheep.

We also have during Easter, Herdwick lamb. This lamb is traditionally from the Lake District so thrives well on our farm, they are extremely hardy and give a wonderful flavour of meat. Click here for more information on Herdwicks.


Our pork suppliers are all local, small scale farmers, typically having 3 or 4 sows and 1 boar. They also use Traditional British breeds of pig, such as Tamworth and Saddleback. They are mainly outdoor reared, coming in only when the weather is bad.


We use chicken from Langwathby. They have six poultry farms based in Cumbria as well as independent growers in Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Borders, all rearing birds of the highest standard. The company is BRC and Red Tractor approved.

We also use Turkey from Highgate Turkey at Cocklakes near to Blencathra.

We use Free range Chicken from Packington Free Range. Their Chickens are raised in special sheds with plenty of warm bedding, heating and good ventilation. They are free to roam during the day on established English pastures consisting of various grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water. They are inside in the evenings to protect them from night time predators.